April 2019

Photo Exhibition in Ciełuszki in Eastern Poland

I will bring 22 Photographs to Podlasie in eastern Poland. They will be shown in the community hall of the small village Ciełuszki. The images show my personal perspective to the village and its surroundig nature.

Visit to Ciełuszki
Photographs of Martin Franz

Photo Exhibition
16-060 Zabłudów - Ciełuszki 2

Inauguration on Tuesday 30 April 2019, at 6:00 pm

I was invited to "Visit in Ciełuszki" by Grazyna Charytoniuk-Michiej who is the Sołtys of Ciełuszki. I was happy to show my photographs just there where I had liked most to take pictures in recent years.

The exhibition is supported by
Gmina Zabłudów,
Deutsch-Polnischen Gesellschaft Hamburg
Stiftung für Deutsch-Polnische Zusammenarbeit

 October 2017

New:   Poland 2016 and 2017

The upper Narew River Valley is a rather unknown region in Podlachia. The small river meanders through its wide valley, wich is a "Natura 2000" Protection Area. Nice traditional villages are found along the river.

I viseted this region in late autumn 2016 and again in January 2017.

October 2017

My new calender 2018

Neue Fotografiene aus Ostpolen
und dem Münsterland 2018

This calender presents a series of photographs taken from autumn 2016 until summer 2017. So they are realy new photographs. The locations are "The upper Narew Valley" in North-East-Poland and the "Münsterland".

An information sheet is included.

Price of the calender (when it is picked up in Münster):   19,00 €
Additional shipping costs in Germany are: 6,25 €
Please order the calender at my e-mail address:

18. September 2016

My new calender

Bevermündung 2017

A little nature reserve protects the last 800 m of the river Bever where it flows into the river Ems. The area is a pasture with some impressive old trees on it. The small river Bever meanders there through. I visited this location at all seasons and took photographs under extremely different conditions. Every scene selected for this calender is shown at different seasons, e.g.once in winter and again in spring.

An information sheet is included, where the 'making of ' is explained.

Price of the calender (when it is picked up in Münster):   19,00 €
Additional shipping costs in Germany are: 6,25 €
Please order the calender at my e-mail address:

 August 2016

New:   Germany digital

From the North Sea to the Black Forest. This page shows photographs and panoramas from all over Germany which are taken in the last years (from 2009 on) with digital equipment.

Germany analogue is the former page Germany which shows photographs taken with the large formate camera.

New:   Münsterland digital and Münsterland series

Many new images were mixed in the former page Münsterland digital. So I devided it into two. Münsterland digital shows panoramas and a few single shots from various locations in Münsterland, not at all systematic, but my favorite images from my home region. Münsterland series shows locations photographed at two ore more different seasons.

Back again:   Equipment

This page was absent for a year. As still there is some intrest in my large formate camera technique as well as in my panorama technique, I added it to my homepage again.

December 2015

Exhibition in the Café Sentrup in Münster
Opening on January 8th, 2016 at 17h00

Blick ins Münsterland

10 photographs of the Muensterland will decorate the Café Sentrup (Schmeddingstr. 117) for some months. The opening of this small exhibition is on January8th, 2016 at 17h00. The images will be shown until May 2016.

Invitation to the opening (PDF, in German)

September 2015

New Design of my Website and New Poland Report

Many new travel reports had been included into this site during the last years. So it was necessary to redesign the navigation area. I am grateful to Mrs Khodjasteh ( for redesigning the head area that it could be integrated easily into the existing sites.

The report of my Poland journey in June 2015 is published.

August 2015

Calenders for 2016 which include my photographs

The Dumont-Kalenderverlag publishes 2 calenders with one of my photographs in each:

Bäume 2016

My photography from Taubergießen Nature reserve was chosen for the cover of
Wege in die Natur 2016

Geo Saison has choosen my photographs for the first time for their calenders:

Deutschland 2016

On June 4, 2014 at 23.47 I stood on Offersøy (Lofoten, Norway) half way up to Offersøykammen. I took some panorams of Nappstraumen and the island Flakstadøya in front of me. The sun came out under the clouds close to the horizon for some minutes. The succsessful images is a pano of 5 shots covering an angle of view of approx. 180 °.

Geo Saison printed this image in
Panorama-Kalender Meeresweiten.

September 2015

A new calender

Eindrücke aus Polen 2016

 I came back from my Poland journey so inspired, that I deceded to create imediately a calender with images from Poland. As in the years before it is a small calender (29,7 x 42,0 cm. horizontal format) with simple printing quality. It includs images form Poland journeys since 2008, but mostly form summer 2015.

An information sheet is included, where the photo-locations are indicated in a map.

Price of the calender (when it is picked up in Münster):   19,00 €
Additional shipping costs in Germany are: 6,25 €
Please order the calender at my e-mail address:

 before August 2015

The last publications are (all in German):

Wolkenschauspiel (PDF) aus Naturfoto 04/2015

Naturfotos im Krankenhaus (PDF) aus: Naturfoto 05/2014

Schärfedehnung bei digitalen Panorama-Aufnahmen, Grenzenlose Schärfe (PDF)
aus NaturFoto 11/2013

Vom Großformat zu Stitching und Focus-Stacking
Beitrag aus dem Visum-Blog 2011, eingestellt September 2013