from the North Sea to the Black Forest
in analogue photographs (1996 - 2008)

This site puts togather a collection of images from various locations in Germany.
I used a large formate camera with film from 1996 until 2008 to photograph these images.

From 2009 I prefered digital photography. But I still liked to visit my favorite locations such as
Westerhever, the lime-tree alley in Brandenburg and the Black forest.
However the new technique resulted in obviously different photographs.
So I gathered the new photographs of varios spots in Germany
in a new site Germany digital.

The wadden sea in front of St. Peter-Ording is a monotonuous place.

The tiny piles of the lugwurms and ...


Mondaufgang am Westerhever Leuchtturm, SH (2008-06-18A02)
6x9 Velvia 50, 210 mm, 2 Sek., Bl. 16,5


... the pattern of the sand ripples are the most commen structures. So there is a lot of space left for the sky and its mirror image.


Sonnenaufgang bei St. Peter-Ording, SH (2008-06-17A02)
6x9 Velvia 50, 120 mm, ND0,6(scharfe Kante)


The ground in the wadden sea is continuously merged and separated by the tidal streams. Interesting forms may appear for a few  hours where the water digs in zones of differently oxydised mud.


Nahaufnahme vom Boden im Schlickwatt (1996-0626A11)
6x9 Velvia 50, 210 mm, Pol.-Filter, 1/2 Sek., Bl. 11,4



As good friends of us live in Ostholstein I'm visiting this region rather frequently. Very beautiful fallow meadows are found close to their domicile.



Brachwiese bei Eutin (2002-06-01B11)
6x9 Velvia 50


Brachwiese bei Eutin (1996-10-14A16)
6x9 Velvia 50



Brachwiese bei Eutin (2003-10-27A11)
6x9 Velvia 50



There is one small lake in Ostholstein, which I like in particular. It is encircled by forest.



Moorsee (1996-10-13A18)
6x9 Velvia 50, 120 mm, Pol.-Filter,


However many trees in this forest can not bear the high water level in the ground.


Uferwald am Moorsee (1996-10-13A09)
6x9 Velvia 50, Centerf., Grauverlauff. ND 0,6, 4  Sek., Bl. 16,7


The birch trees on the shore-ridge kan survive better.


Moorsee (1996-10-13A13)
6x9 Velvia 50, Centerf., Grauverlauff. ND 0,6, 1  Sek., Bl. 16,3



So the lake is surrounded by a unique light bog forest.


Uferwald am Moorsee (1996-10-14B)
4x5" Velvia 50,  120 mm, 4  Sek., Bl. 32,8



The prettiest lime-tree alley which I have seen grows in the border region of Mecklenburg and Brandenburg


Lindenallee (2001-05-12B09)
6x9 Velvia 50


The alley was already planted in the end of the 18th century.

Lindenallee (2001-05-12E)
4x5" Velvia 50


The storm of the last years have taken down some of the old trees. But there are still enough of them standing upright to keep the atmosphere of this unique small road.


Lindenallee (1999-10-19A07)
6x9 Provia 100


How nice rain-weather can be!


Lindenallee (1995-05-13A06)
6x9 Ektar 25 (Negativ), 75 mm, 50 Sek., Bl. 16,6



Lindenallee (1998-10-20B04)
6x9 Velvia 50, 210 mm, ND0,6, 12 Sek., Bl. 22,5



Lindenallee (1999-10-19A16)
6x9 Provia 100,

Lindenallee (1999-10-19B)
(other photographs of this location in Germany-digital)
4x5" Provia 100, 75 mm, Centerf.



I was lucky to experience many early morning hours in the open landscape of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ...


bei Feldberg, MV (1999-10-18A)
4x5" Velvia 50


... or at the shore of one of the numerous lakes.


Stiepensee bei Lychen (2001-05-14B09)
6x9Velvia 50



See bei Neustrelitz (1997-05-25A)
4x5" Velvia 50, 120 mm, ND0,6, 1/2 Sek., Bl. 22,6


Northern Germany has a number of famous wide river valleys. The National Park Unteres Odertal is rather well known.

NP Unteres Odertal (2005-01-16A13)
6x9Velvia 50


NP Unteres Odertal (2005-01-16A)
4x5" Velvia 50, 120 mm, ND0,6



The plain tract of the small river Wümme near Bremen is another example of this kind of protected landscape.


Wümmewiesen bei Bremen (1997-07-05A04)
6x9 Velvia 50


Wümmewiesen bei Bremen (1997-07-05A09)
6x9 Velvia 50, 120 mm, ND0,6, 1/2 Sek. Bl. 22,2



The river Hunte at its mouth into the lake Dümmer is a third example of a river in lowland.

I photographed in this region when winter was gone,  and spring was in the air but not jet obviously visible. I think this season of early spring has its particular atmosphere.


Hunte, Kr. Diepholz (2005-03-31A16)
6x9 Velvia 50, 75 mm, Pol.-F.,  ND0,6, 2 Sek. Bl. 22



Ochsenmoor Kr. Diepholz (2005-04-01A07)
6x9 Velvia 50,75 mm, Pol.-F., 1 Sek. Bl. 22,7


It happens that I'm out for taking pictures in the mountains.


Wutachschlucht (2007-02-21A11)
6x9 Velvia 100,120 mm, ND0,6, 10 Sek. Bl. 45

The mountains I prefere are the southern blackforest ...

Obstbäume bei Wutach (2001-05-01B04)
6x9 Velvia 50,360 mm

... because I was on fototour there already in my youth.

Waldbach bei Badenweiler (2008-06-05C11)
6x9 Velvia 100,75 mm, 8 Sek. Bl. 22,6


Alpensicht vom Belchengipfel vor Sonnenaufgang
(2009-01-12 Pano aus 3 Aufnahmen(10-13))
Nikon D70, 200ASA, 95mm (entspr. KB 142mm) 1 Sek. Bl.8