Northnorwegian coast

in autumn

(Finnmark - Troms - Nordland)

3. - 30. September 2008


Spåknes am Lyngen-Fjord, Troms
Arcaswiss, 4x5" Velvia 100, 120 mm, Grauverlauffilter ND0,6,
1/2 sec., Bl. 22,6



Vivid autumncolours are well-known from scandinavian regions with continental climate.The northnorwegian coast has a maritime climate, but automncolurs can be found there as well.

After my trip to  Skjervøy in early Spring 2007, I wanted to visit this region again in September. When I drove northover, I went first to  the Varanger  Peninsula (Berlevåg), then to Skjevøy and thereafter to one of the vesterålen islands.



At September 8th, autumn colouration was going to start at the coast of Berlevåg, whereas indian summer has reached its height in Northfinland already.

The Sandfjordfjell is seen in the background. This mountain is 300m high and was the destination of my first phototrip.

Arcaswiss, 6x9 Velvia 100, 47 mm, Centerfilter, Grauverlauffilter ND0,6
1/2 sec., Bl. 22

The plateau on the Sandfjordfjell is covered with stones and lichens  all over.

Steine und Flechten prägen das Bild auf der Hochfläche des Sandfjordfjells.

Arcaswiss, 6x9 Velvia 100, 120 mm,
1/2 sec., Bl. 32

View from the rim of Sandfjordfjell to the sandy beach and the coastal road.

Below is the same view displayed as a panorama-photograph stitched together from 6 single shots with the digital Nikon. It is one of my first panorama photographs.

Arcaswiss, 6x9 Velvia 100,  75mm, Grauverlauffilter ND0,6
1/4 sec., Bl. 32

Nikon D70, Panorama aus 6 Fotos bei 38 mm ( entspricht KB 57 mm)
1/60 sec, Bl. 11

Such a nice, warm, calm and moscito-free day in september invited me to an extended rest on top of Sandefjordfjell.


Nikon D70, 24 mm (entspricht KB 36mm), Fernauslöser
1/125 sec, Bl. 11


The golden root is one of the first plants that paint striking colour-spots into the coastal rocks.


Arcaswiss, 6x9 Velvia 100, 210 mm,
1 sec., Bl. 32


The leaves of the fireweed turn blazing red and become an eye-catcher in the barren costal landscape.

Below: I tested panorama-photography to express the atmosphere on the barren-looking plateau.

Arcaswiss, 6x9 Velvia 100, 47 mm,Centerilter, Grauverlauffilter ND0,6
5 sec., Bl. 22,5


Nikon D70, Panorama aus 6 Fotos bei 55 mm (entspricht KB 82 mm)
1/30 sec, Bl. 22

Wide marshland is found at the estuary of river Tana.


Arcaswiss, 6x9 Velvia 100,  75mm, Grauverlauffilter ND0,6
1/15 sec., Bl. 16

At sunset the last rays  illuminate a village at the shore of the Tanafjord (Høyholmen).


Arcaswiss, 6x9 Velvia 100,  210 mm,
1/4 sec., Bl.

Sandbanks stretch out over the wide riverbed of the Tana-river.


Arcaswiss, 6x9 Velvia 100,  75mm, Grauverlauffilter ND0,6
1/8 sec., Bl. 32

Two tests of the panorama-technique with rather long focal length shot on the way to Skjervøy.

Sopnes am Langfjord bei Alta, Finnmark
Nikon D70, Pano aus 5 Fotos bei 210 mm (entspricht KB 315 mm Brennweite)

Kvænangstindan am Fjord Kvænagen, Troms
Nikon D70, Panorama aus 6 Fotos bei 70 mm ( entspricht KB 105 mm)
1/4 sec, Bl. 9

On September 1st Arnøy receives me with brilliant autumn-colours.


Arcaswiss, 6x9 Velvia 100, 75 mm,
1/125 sec., Bl. 11



Nikon D70, Pano aus 2 Reihen à 9 Fotos,
55 mm (auf KB umgerechnet 82 mm), 4 Sec, Bl. 16



Autumn along the Fjord  at Arnøy.


Arcaswiss, 4x5", Velvia100, 75 mm, Centerfilter, Grauverlauffilter ND 0,6
2 sec, Bl. 32



Arcaswiss, 4x5", Velvia100, 210 mm,
5 sec, Bl. 32


What began with an impressive spectacle in the sky over the Lyngenfjord ...

... develloped to a strong bad-weather-front over the Vesterålen islands (3. destination). See below:

Arcaswiss, 6x9 Velvia 100, 47 mm, Centerfilter
1/8 sec., Bl. 22


Rainclouds over Møklandfjord at the Vesterålen-island Langøya
 Nikon D70, Panorama aus 5 Fotos bei 30 mm ( entspricht KB 45 mm)
1/50 sec, Bl. 8

Storm !










Nikon D70, 40 mm, (auf KB umgerechent 60 mm)
1/100 sec, Bl. 5,6

            Even under these conditons I manage to shoot small panoramas.

Nikon D70, Pano zusammengesetzt aus 4 Fotos,
18 mm (umgerechnet auf KB 27 mm)


Kliffs at the westcoast of Langøya (Vesterålen)


Nikon D70, 78 mm, (auf KB umgerechent 117 mm)
1/400 sec, Bl. 11

House at the Beach near Hovden, Langøya, Nordland

Arcaswiss, 6x9 cm, Velvia 100, 120 mm
1/8 sec, Bl. 16

Nikon D70, Pano aus 2 Reihen à 8 Fotos,
55 mm (auf KB umgerechnet 82 mm)


At the north-west point of the island Langøya there is the small picturesque harbour Nyksund. Many of its old buildings are lovingly restored.


Nikon D70, Pano aus 3 Fotos,
50 mm (auf KB umgerechnet 75 mm)

Scene at an inland lake during calm weather.


Arcaswiss, 4x5", Velvia100, 75 mm, Centerfilter
2 sec, Bl. 22


The autumn-colour was at its climax in this region when I started my three-day return journey on September 27th.



Bucht bei Nykvåg, Langøya, Nordland
ArcaSwiss, 4x5" Velvia100, 120mm, Grauverlauffilter ND 0,6
1 sec, Bl. 32

Akkarvik auf Arnøy, Troms
Arkaswiss, 6x9 Velvia 100, 120 mm, Grauverlauf ND 0,6
1/8 sec Bl 22