Oak in Muensterland, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland
Shooting date: Mai 29, 2010, Image stitched of 18 photographs in 2 rows
 (Single shot: Nikon D70, f18, 1/25 sec 18 -70mm at 24 mm)


Oak in Muensterland, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland
Shooting date: January 08, 2009, Image stitched of 45 photographs in 3 rows
 (Single shot: Nikon D70, 55 mm, f 22, 1/13 sec)

This website is about my personal style of landscape photography.

I'm very often out taking photographs just because I like it. That is the most important precondition to get good results.

The steps from shooting until printing the photographs are all aiming towards very large prints with very high resolution.

Formerly working with the large formate camera I was happy to get prints 120 x 80 cm in size. Today with the digital equipment the size and the resolution should be much higher. Photographs about 2 m large and with exceptionel resolution are exhibited at various locations in Münster (Visiting them is possible upon request)

For 15 years I could obtain the qualityI longed for by using large-formate-film in a view camera.

In the last years digital technology has advanced so far, that  it provides me with much higher quality than my analoge equipment. Since 2010 I use stitching-technology ( = panorama technique) to put together several shots of a DSLR-camera to a singel photograph with extraordinary high resolution.

Morgenrot, Brocken, Harz, Sachsen-Anhalt, Deutschland
Image stitched of 3 photographs
 (Single shot: Nikon D3x, 20 mm, f8, 1/40 sec)

Wollgras im Haaksbergerveen (bei Enschede,Niederlande)
(Fuji RVP 4x5", 120mm, Neutralgrau-Verlauffilter ND 0,3) (1996-05-19B)



The small images of this web-site can not compete with the large digital image-files or the large formate transparencies which are used for my fine-art-prints.

The following five images have the possibility to zoom in to see the full details of the original photographs.

The first image shows the harbour Sund on the Lofoten islands. The final photograph is stitched of six primary imagesin two rows.

The photograph of the avenue is stichted of seven images in one row.

The photograph of the french landscape is taken as a 4 x 5 inch transperency and scanned

The following photograph of a flowering plant is stitched of 3 images.

The photograph of this bunch of cherry blossoms combines focus-stacking and stitching. It is stitched of 3x9 images.


Various journey reports and other photographic series are presented in the galleries. However this homepage is not a complete review of my photographic work. It will just give you an idea of my kind of landscape photography.

As this site provides you only with a small section of my work I strongly encourage every interested party to ask for a selection of digital images focussing on your favorite issue.

Scans and prints can be purchased directly from me. More informations and prices in
 Prices and prints
(in German)

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All photographs appearing on this site are the property of Martin Franz. They are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of Martin Franz.

Knospe des Spitzahorn
(Fuji RVP 6x9cm, 120mm,  Aufhellschirm) (2002-04-12B15)

Elbufer bei Elbholz, Gartow, Kreis Lüchow-Dannenberg, SH
(Fuji RVP 4x5", 75 mm, Centerfilter, Grauverlauffilter ND 0,6) (1997-03-09B)

Trappstegsforsen bei Saxnäs, Lappland, Schweden
(Fuji RVP 6x9 cm, 75 mm,  Grauverlauffilter ND 0,6, 1 Sek., Bl. 45) (2005-09-22A11)


I can shoot image series of the same location at various seasons when I am photographing in my home region. That is how the two images of the same avenue of oaks were made. More image series of this kind are found in the new page Münsterland series.

Avenue of oaks in Münsterland in November, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland
(2010-11-02-D3x-047ff) single-row panorama stitched of 4 photographs
 (single-shot: Nikon D3x, 70 - 210 mm at 210 mm Bl. 16, 1/13 sec)

the same avenue of oaks 4 years later,February 2015, freshly trimmed,
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland
(2015-02-18-DSL-017ff)single-row panorama stitched of 5 (7) images
single-shot: Nikon D3x, Nikkor AF-S 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 G at 34 mm, f 18, 1,3 sec