The vivid colours of the poppies cause happy mood.

Klatschmohn im Gerstenfeld (310598B9)


The colours themselves influence us directly. The aim of the photographers design is only to avoid distracting elements.

Apfelblüten (13402B13)


Other colours - different mood.

blühende Gräser (14699A4)

Autumn colours, also very strong, cause another mood than spring colours.


Aspenblätter und anderes Herbstlaub am Waldboden liegend (211098B18)

If the colours are rather subdued, the shapes become more important.



Ahornblätter am Boden, Rauhreif (151101A11)


The  eye of the viewer like to follow the shape of a small part of a plant.

Ahornblüten (120402B13)



Trockener geknickter Stiel eines Doldenblütlers (051199A11)

Occasionally the shapes of two different plants complement each other.


Schwammpilze, Gräser, Buchenblätter (021100A7)



Pilze wachsen in dem Astloch eines vermodernden Baumes (191096)

Occasionally plant arrangements remind us of situations in everyday life.


4 kleine Pilze auf Totholz, (280901C18)



Baumstumpf mit abstehenden Holzfasern

Sometimes a close-up describes a particular situation very clearly.



Waldbach in Telemark, Norwegen



Sumpfdotterblumen zwischen alten Gräsern